Wednesday, July 19, 2017

My reading list

I have several stacks of books on my desk right now, organized by category. They are:

  1.  Books about discourse analysis (including linguistic analysis and critical discourse analysis)
  2.  Critical theory (Habarmas, Horkheimer, etc.) and some of the philosophy that underpins it (Hegel, Marx, some phenomenologists) and books that are critical of scientism (I'm including Popper in this category)
  3. Books about the purpose and aims of higher education
  4. Books about instructional technology/educational technology (especially its history, i.e., Saettler, etc.)
Next to the desk is the pile of books that are not as germane to my research, but are tangentially related. They include some of the more abstract post-modernism (Baudrillard, for example), and books about pedagogical approaches that are more grounded in "traditional" psychology. Douglas Hofstadter is in that pile. Sartre is in that pile. 

Sometimes I read a few pages, then go watch TV for the rest of the night and feel guilty.

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